El Mosaico de Baco


Coming from a family of wine growers for generations, in the magical town of Baños de Valdearados and to convey the value of the land is developed the Mosaico de Baco. Where the figure of Bacchus God reminds us of the relationship of more than 2000 years of this land with the vineyard, in the allegorical Roman mosaic Bacchic most important Iberian Peninsula. More than 900 meters, in a complicated terrain where old vineyards sheltered by mature walnuts and apples, in a succession of valleys and canyons of poor sands requiring strains to look for water in its depths.

In these vineyards, planted by past generations, with the immense work involved in their care and cultivation in small hawthorns, handful by handful harvested the most delicious tempranillo grapes from the best. With love and respect for the legacy of their elders, put the care and wisdom that will leave your legacy and also provide new knowledge to work these vines, convinced that wines as unique as the Bacchus mosaic can only be achieved producing them in the strains. By tradition, slow and well done, offering their harvest to harvest wines. Every year new.

Catalog: Mosaico de Baco